The Discover Ilkley Main Arena


Across the Ilkley Carnival show field we have a great line-up of attractions and entertainment on 2 May 2022!

In the Discover Ilkley Main Arena we’ll first welcome the parade and make the presentations, followed by a great mix of family entertainment headlined by the 3SIXTY Bicycle Stunt Team.

11.45am – 12.30pm   Parade & presentations

12.45pm – 1.10pm   3SIXTY Bicycle Stunt Team

1.20pm – 1.40pm   Centre Stage Academy of Performing Arts

1.50pm – 2.20pm   ‘Beautiful Killing Machines’ – Birds of Prey by Owl Adventures

2.25pm – 2.505pm    ND Dance

2.55pm – 3.20pm   3SIXTY Bicycle Stunt Team

3.30pm – 3.40pm  Raks Zina Tribal Dance Troupe

3.50pm – 4.20pm   ‘Beautiful Killing Machines’ – Birds of Prey by Owl Adventures

** All times and acts subject to change

3Sixty Bicycle Stunt Team

The 3SIXTY team have been enthralling audiences at events for over a decade with their high-flying leaps, tricks and skills.  They hold no less than eight Guinness World Records which demonstrates their considerable abilities.  Between performances the team will provide a workshop and tuition to youngsters keen to develop their skills.

Owl Adventures

Owl Adventures have been providing amazing flying shows with birds of prey since 2011.  The flying show will feature owls and other birds of prey demonstrating their abilities with a presentation from Ryan ‘The Yorkshire falconer’.  In addition to educational facts on the birds, the shows have lots of audience participation, music, comedy and performance.  There is also a chance to hold falcons, hawks and owls or a range of ‘creepy crawlies’  in a static display between performances.

Centre Stage Academy of Performing Arts

Based in Yeadon, Centre Stage Academy provide professionally taught classes in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Street, Jazz, Gymnastics, Cheerleading and many other forms of performing arts as well as vocal and acting coaching for boys and girls aged from 3 to 18 years.  Everyone is made to feel welcome and classes are planned to provide amazing opportunities or you can just learn new skills, develop confidence and make friends.

ND Dance

ND Dance Academy are the leading dance school in Bradford for street dance, lyrical and cheerleading classes which are provided for students of all abilities and ages.  Classes are delivered in a fun and exciting environment while focusing on the fundamentals required to be able to deliver the highest level of dance tuition available.  Whether you have a child that is looking to step into street dance classes, shake their pom poms in cheerleading classes or express themselves through lyrical dance, we have all the tuition that you need!

Raks Zina Tribal Dance Troupe

West Yorkshire based, Raks Zina tribal style embraces a variety of dance and music styles, from Latin to Celtic, from Belly dance tribal to Egyptian styles, including using props such as swords, tambourines, baskets and veils.